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Do you & Fido need a summer vacation?!

Then check out these places to go and links to visit!

Paris, here I come!

Camp gone to the dogs!


Here are some places to visit with your canine companion.
Taken from

Buena Vista, Colorado
Wilderness Aware Rafting- Kennels in the shade for your pooch!

Key west, Florida
Pepe's Cafe- Specail events geared towards dogs!

Miami Beach, Florida
The News Restaurant- Local dogs like to hang out in this outdoor dining restaurant!


The Peaches Inn Bed & Breakfast

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Owner: Jane Lovett

Take the tour!


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Pet-A-Palooza 2001!


Who let the dogs out?!

WRIF did, that's who!
Pet-a-palooza was sponsered by WRIF at Freedom Hill in September. There was live music, dog tricks, food, booths of all kinds and more. It was a great day for the canines and thier owners! No serious injuries or dog fights were reported. It went smoothly overall.

The event also had pet adoptions, cats and dogs. Many found new homes. Some people signed up for volunteer work too.

Since this year was such a success, I am sure it will come back next September! Keep your eyes open for information for the Pet-a-palooza near you!


Big Dawg




great danes


Jack Russell


These Black Lab pups were rescued. Their siblings were not so lucky though. They are being nurtured back to health by volunteers. Soon they will have good homes. A lot of people filled out forms to be parents to these cute guys!

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2001 Bark in the Park!

A day for dogs and dog lovers!

Cool dog

Bark in the Park has been going on for the past 3 years at Freedom Hill in Sterling Hts. Michigan.
It is held in August and is sponsored by 96.3 fm.
There are contests, events and adoptions. Everyone brings there canine friends to this event!
This year most of the pets that were up for adoption found loving homes!

I have been bringing my pooches to this event since the beginning. They love it! They get to socailize with other dogs and people and get freee samples of dog treats. I even got my dog Kennedy up on stage for the Pet Tricks event. He was very nervous and didn't do exactly what he was suppose to, but he did try. He met a lot of nice dogs backstage! A Weimaraner decided to take a dip in the tub of drinking water backstage! He really enjoyed it, went back for a second dip!

I reccomend to any one who loves animals to go next year!
They even have cats up for adoptions, that was my son's favorite part! We had to pry him away form the kittens!
I know this is a nationwide event, so keep your ears open for when it comes to a place near you!

Pet-a-palooza is coming up next month at Freedom Hill.


A Weimaraner taking a bath in the drinking water.

American Bulldog

Johnson American Bulldog & friend.


Dobermen Pinschers enjoying the day!


Paws with a cause Golden Retriever.

Golden Retriever Pup

Future worker for Paws with a cause.


Happy Pitbulls!
They were very nice!

Harley Dog

The coolest dog on Earth!


These Golden puppies were up for adoption!
They found good homes!